In new Captain America, Steve Rogers is swayed by Red Skull videos – takes responsibility, cleans room

In the latest issue of Captain America from Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers goes down the rabbit hole after binging Red Skull’s popular new YouTube channel. Red Skull is known for sharing dangerous and counter-cultural messages to young men — telling them to take responsibility, order their lives properly, and clean up their rooms. Ta-Nahisi Coates has penned the gripping new storyline where America’s spandex-clad champion, who has historically stood for justice and democracy, is converted into the polar opposite of all that: an alt-right sympathizer who works on himself and refuses to use a person’s preferred pronouns. Captain America is basically a Nazi now. In the story, the villainous Red Skull is depicted as ensnaring the disaffected youths of a postmodern culture with evil alt-right messages like “tell the truth”, and “pet a cat when you encounter one on the street.” In one horrific scene, Steve follows the Red Skull’s nefarious and bigoted advice to “make something beautiful”…

from Signs of the Times

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