Fail Hydra! Captain America is now so woke he’s fighting a Jordan Peterson parody rather than Nazis hell-bent on world domination

The author and clinical psychologist was surprised to learn that Steve Rogers’ nemesis Red Skull now appears to be modeled after him, but this painfully obvious liberal pandering has been infecting mainstream art for years now. When the character of Captain America was at the height of his popularity in the comic book world, he was best known for punching Nazis in the face and extolling the virtues of patriotism. Today, however, Captain America is as woke as just about every other character being pushed through the dying comics industry. With more and more agenda-driven writers landing gigs with big wigs like Marvel, his duty has now become to drop the overt patriotism and take on the loosely defined Nazis of today – aka anyone with a slightly conservative perspective.

from Signs of the Times

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