AboveTopSecret discussion thread on OPPT

AboveTopSecret discussion thread on OPPT

So as I have doing my own research on the OPPT I have also asked trusted friends and family their opinion and thoughts. One that came back was that — It is a SCAM because it says so at Above Top Secret.  But as I read through the forum discussion I see it as a mirror to a lot of the questions that will arise in most ordinary peoples minds.  Worth actually having a read for anyone sincerely interested OPPT

Global F.A.C.T. Radio- OPPT with Heather

Global F.A.C.T. Radio- OPPT with Heather


Thursday night at 9pm est


Thu, February 21, 2013 09:00 pm REMIND+
Call in to speak with the host (646) 478-5728

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On this show, we are honored to have two guests: Heather Tucci-Jarraf, one of the trustees of The OPPT (The One People’s Public Trust) and Captain Deryl Zeleny of the Canadian Armed forces.

Heather will discuss all aspects of the OPPT and how it can be used to benefit the people and answer any questions our listeners might have. Captain Deryl will brief us on the assignment he was given by his superiors and how it led him to the OPPT.
Links: www.oppt-in.com and www.peoplestrust1776.org

The format of this show will be a round table discussion/interview. Our listeners are welcome and encouraged to join in and ask questions anytime either on the air by calling in to (646) 478-5728 or in the chat room.

The Collective Imagination – 19/20 Feb 2013 02/19 by 5D Media Network | Blog Talk Radio

Caught the last 15 minutes listening to Heather talk about the formation of the CVACS — will definitely need to listen to the MP3s once posted…

The Collective Imagination – 19/20 Feb 2013 02/19 by 5D Media Network | Blog Talk Radio.

Open Letter to Media on spreading the word on OPPT from americankabuki

I have done a cut and paste from American Kabuki on the instructions to spread the word!

Thanks Brian you rock.



By Brian Kelly
To think that this whole story broke less than two months ago is baffling, to say the least. A current google search for “One People’s Public Trust,” pings back 33M results, as of this day, February 18, 2013. Countless emails continue to flow in from people wanting to BE of service to the cause. This post is a Call-to-action for anyone willing to share their energy in support of bringing freedom to Humanity once and for all…
If you are one of the people who has heard the call, and you’re ready to stand up and play a part in ushering in this new paradigm, then this post is for YOU. 
If you are tired of all the lies and corruption that have plagued our magnificent planet for far too long, then this post is for YOU. 
If you are tired of being manipulated into believing war, hate, fear, anger and aggression are a natural part of BE’ing human, then this post is for YOU.
If you are ready to embrace a reality based upon Love, Joy, Peace and Prosperity for All, then this post is for YOU. 
Are YOU ready for the whole world to know about OPPT, so that we can all join hands together and manifest our new reality? Then NOW is the time to DO and BE as ONE. The only question that remains is, will you take the call? 
The fastest way to share this information with the masses is to bring it out into the open for all to see and feel. Through the various channels of media, we can and will accomplish just that. The quickest route to the mainstream is by getting into the smaller networks first. 
On Wednesday I was on Orion Talk Radio, for a program called Morning Brew, hosted by Gwen Caldwell to discuss OPPT. After the live recording I was told there were over 1M+ live listeners representing over 10 countries. Considering the popularity of the show and the gravity of the content, we were invited back every Wednesday until this information gets out in the open for the whole world to see. (Links to that show and future shows will follow this post)
The objective is to duplicate this process as many times over as possible. We have plenty of very qualified OPPT insiders who are already standing by for broadcast duty. Let’s just say, too many requests for interviews is a very good problem to have 🙂
Here is your mission should you choose to accept it:
1. Gather contact emails from all of your local, regional and national media outlets (i.e. talk radio programs, online news sites, newspapers, popular news blog sites, etc.). The more the better.
2. Create an email and title it “Public Trust Forecloses on Major Corporations.”
3. Manually input all the email addresses into the “CC” field, so that the recipient list is out in the open for all to see. The best solution would be to send one at a time to ensure the email makes its way past spam filters (but this is a bit more time consuming). Make sure to include a copy of the Press Release, as well as Courtesy Notice and Instructions. 
4. Before hitting send, (if this resonates with you) say this out loud: “angels, archangels, spirit guides, great beings of light, please guide this email to any and all recipients who are ready to receive it. Let these words open up a portal of truth and transparency within the hearts and minds of all those who may read the content of this message. I thank you in advance that this is so, and so it is. So BE it.”
5. Hit “send” baby.
6. Pat yourself on the back for your incredible DO’ing and BE’ing. 
7. Grab some popcorn and watch as the firework show continues to light up the night…
Brian Kelly
(619) 709-2083
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