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Nearly 50% of US working age adults unemployed – and it’s going to get worse

There is a lot of talk about the “unemployment rate” these days, but the way that it is calculated has become so convoluted that it is not really that meaningful anymore. Even during the so-called “good times”, more than 100 million U.S. adults were not working, but we were told that the unemployment rate was the lowest that it had been in decades. Of course now everything has changed. Since this pandemic began, more than 47 million Americans have filed new claims for unemployment benefits, and the mainstream media is going to make sure that fear of COVID-19 continues to paralyze our society for the foreseeable future. In this article, I would like to discuss the employment-population ratio. According to Wikipedia, the employment-population ratio is “a statistical ratio that measures the proportion of the country’s working age population that is employed”. I believe that it is a far more accurate measurement than the “unemployment rate” is, and we have seen this ratio move quite…

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New swine flu has potential to become pandemic – Chinese researchers

Researchers in China have discovered a new genetic descendant of the H1N1 swine flu virus that they say has the potential to cause a future pandemic. A survey of pig processing facilities in the country’s Hebei and Shandong provinces found around 10 percent of pig farm workers have been infected by the virus between 2016 and 2018, while the infection rate among the general population in those areas for that time period is thought to be about 4.4 percent, according to a report from CNN. Experts do not yet believe the virus is transmittable from person to person and say the only hard evidence so far points to the virus being spread from pigs to humans. Symptoms of the virus are reportedly similar to that of the regular influenza virus, which causes fevers, a cough and other common ailments.

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19 dead following gas leak explosion in Tehran

A powerful explosion at a medical clinic in northern Tehran has killed at least 19 people, Iranian media report. Authorities initially said that 13 people were killed and six others injured in the blast at the Sina At’har health center on June 30. But Jalal Maleki, spokesman for the Tehran Fire Department, was quoted as saying that firefighters recovered six more bodies after the ensuring blaze was extinguished. The dead included 15 women and four men, Maleki said, adding that firefighters had rescued 20 people.

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Female genital mutilation surges in Germany with 68,000 victims in 2020

An activist and victim of female genital mutilation (FGM) living in Berlin told RT “big action” is needed to tackle the issue in Germany, which has seen a rapid rise in women and girls forced to undergo the torturous procedure. Artist and activist Fatou Mandiang Diatta underwent the dangerous procedure in her native Senegal when she was about four or five years old. “I remember how my mum asked me not to cry. Her face was so serious in front of me. I remember two ladies – one was holding my hand and the other one my legs. And there was a third one who did something quite painful…”

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BEST OF THE WEB: Deep State bounty hunters’ real target is Trump

The media firestorm over alleged Russian intelligence collusion with Afghan militants to kill US troops has the hallmarks of a psy-ops orchestrated by America’s Deep State. The real bounty hunters in this high-risk game are not Russian operatives allegedly directing militant assassins. Rather, it is domestic political enemies of Donald Trump directing US media outlets to hobble his presidency or chances of re-election. Since his shock election back in 2016, the political establishment and their favored Democrat surrogates along with media affiliates have been unrelenting in trying to crash Trump’s presidency. Trump may be an odious figure of dubious character. He’s a plutocrat and demagogue accused of harboring racist tendencies. Nevertheless, there seems little doubt that the Deep State have him marked down for sabotage. That’s not Trump being paranoid. The whole non-entity Russia meddling “scandal” which began as soon as he was elected to the White House in November 2016 was the…

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Declining eyesight improved by looking at deep red light

Staring at a deep red light for three minutes a day can significantly improve declining eyesight, finds a new UCL-led study, the first of its kind in humans. Scientists believe the discovery, published in the Journals of Gerontology, could signal the dawn of new affordable home-based eye therapies, helping the millions of people globally with naturally declining vision. In the UK there are currently around 12 million people aged over 65: in 50 years this will increase to around 20 million and all will have some degree of visual decline because of retinal ageing. Lead author, Professor Glen Jeffery (UCL Institute of Ophthalmology) said: “As you age your visual system declines significantly, particularly once over 40.

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China passes Hong Kong security law, will go into force July 1

China’s President Xi Jinping has signed into law a controversial national security legislation for Hong Kong that Beijing says is necessary to deal with separatism and foreign interference but critics say will outlaw dissent and destroy the autonomy promised when the territory was returned to China in 1997. Details of the law – which comes in response to last year’s often-violent pro-democracy protests in the city – are due out later on Tuesday. The legislation will come into effect when it is gazetted in Hong Kong – bypassing the semi-autonomous territory’s own legislature – and is expected to be in force by July 1, the anniversary of the former British territory’s return to Chinese rule. “We hope the law will serve as a deterrent to prevent people from stirring up trouble,” said Tam Yiu-Chung, Hong Kong’s sole representative on the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, which approved the law on Tuesday morning. “Don’t let Hong Kong be used as a tool to split the…

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Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: What repeating cycle are we in ?

Across the planet where ever you look there are strange anomalies from summer snow storms, intense lightning, record floods with unusual sea and Greenland ice accumulations. It seems the climate of our planet is beginning to turn upside down. What cycle are we repeating? Sources

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@TheSolariReport: RT @zerohedge: The Federal Reserve is now: #3 holder of LQD #5 holder of JNK #2 holder of VCSH #5 holder of VCIT The @federalreserve has taken over capital markets under the false pretext of “helping the middle class” https://t.co/PiEocURL16

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