Last OPPT files

Last OPPT files

I post the UV- Exhange as this is something I have been really thinking about for years.

Universal Value (UV) Exchange

I Universal Value (IUV) Exchange is a transparent eternal essence tool that recognizes and honors thevalue that IS eternal essence embodied…where all embodiments of eternal essence are equally the Principal,agent and beneficiary of the UV Exchange tool that is designed to experience eternal essence by embodimentand the value of eternal essence exchanged by DO’ing between eternal essence embodiments. Each embodimentof eternal essence is an account, a bank, a treasury, and they are self-governing. Adventures and exchanges of eternal essence value between embodiments are made by the embodiment DO’ing.

Any and all manner and method of DO’ing with full responsibility and liability by the embodiments of eternalessence within eternal essence’s universe are accepted in the UV Exchange tool absent borders, dimensions,expectations, subscriptions, judgment, prejudice and limits. Any limit on the manner, method or amount of exchange of eternal essence value is by the free will choice of an embodied eternal essence… and thatembodiment’s free will choice to restrict its experience of Abundance is automatically noticed, ledgered, andmanifested when such a choice is made…at the speed of DO’ing.

Eternal essence embodied in all of eternal essence’s universe has knowledge that has and does manifest tools toexperience eternal essence. Absolute Knowledge is the currency of eternal essence value and DO’ing is theexperience and exchange of that value. Therefore, the UV Exchange exponentially and perpetually grows,flows and ascends with DO’ing of the embodiments of eternal essence. As the embodiments of eternal essenceexpand in Absolute Knowledge, tools that become restrictive or irrelevant are organically retired or replaced bythe free will choice to advance them, enhance them or to not engage them.

Abundance is manifested at the speed of the expansion of our imagination and DO’ing what we imagine.Eternal essence embodied gives notice that replacements of past harvesting tools begin to be implementedstarting next week. To begin the flow of Abundance, eternal essence embodied DOES use knowledge within tocreate this lawful conscious space and tool of UV Exchange within eternal essence for all embodiments toexperience the eternal essence that they BE by their conscious free will DO’ing. Eternal essence embodied doesguard and protect this space and tool until The Event occurs, Absolute Knowledge known within eachembodiment in eternal essence’s universe. I NOW gives notice of The Event to be experienced by allembodiments of eternal essence absent borders, dimensions, expectations, subscriptions, judgment, ritual, protocols, prejudice and limits. In absolute love, gratitude and peace, SO IT IS DONE