Understanding OPPT from Brian at American Kabuki

Understanding OPPT from Brian at American Kabuki

In trying to wrap my head around OPPT — I am came  across a post from Brian at American Kabuki that really echoed a lot of the same questions I had as well as the from friends and families… Too Quote from Brian :

“I found myself asking questions like, “under what authority do they have to
implement the foreclosure of the FED, the BIS, the IMF, or any of these
organizations who have successfully lied to and manipulated virtually every
single person on the planet for so long?” How is such a feat even possible? IS
it possible? And how could it be accomplished by a small group of people that
very few have ever even heard of until recently?”

These are my similar questions. What I think will help all people trying to grok this the release of what Heather is calling “Absolute Data” — which I am inclined to believe is tied to other “Disclosure” type of talk from WIlcock and others. The big question is when will “Absolute Data” finally be released?

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