SOTT FOCUS: NewsReal: COP on! Heroic Global Elites Gather to Save World

A new Dark Age is upon us, warned the British prime minister from inside the Colosseum in Rome this week. It’s ‘now or never’ for the human species to ‘avoid extinction’, warned the UN in a recent info-mercial about ‘solving the global climate crisis’. Government rhetoric about imminent doom continues scaling new heights of shrill alarmism as world leaders meet in Rome for the annual G20 and in Glasgow for COP26. What are these nitwits on about? They don’t really believe their own rhetoric, do they? In this NewsReal, Joe and Niall assess the ‘green’ proposals and ostensibly rational beliefs professed by Our Dear Leaders. Even if their theories about our complex ecosystem are childishly cartoonish, they all seem to be on the same page about SOMETHING, so what is it they’re NOT telling people? Running Time: 01:33:39 Download: MP3 — 64.3 MB

from Signs of the Times

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