@KMCRadio: Snowflakes keep tweeting today that “Violence is language.” Which is garbage. Violence is criminally immoral assault against the innocent. It’s wrong when an officer chokes a man in custody. It’s wrong when a thug shatters a policeman’s head with brass knuckles.

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At least 5 waterspouts seen at Laguna de Bay, Philippines

Over five waterspouts were seen over Laguna de Bay on Saturday afternoon, the Muntinlupa City government said Saturday. A video from Muntinlupa Councilor Arlene Hilapo, which was shared by the Muntinlupa government’s official Facebook page, show some waterspouts over the lake before vanishing.

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Rare Roman board game found in high status cremation pit in Norway

Rare elongated dice and board game pieces from the Roman Iron Age have been discovered in western Norway. Last month, Norwegian archaeologists chose to excavate the remains of a small Early Iron Age grave cairn in western Norway. Dotted with monuments and grave mounds, the scenic location overlooking Alversund played an important role in Norwegian history. The site at Ytre Fosse turned out to be a cremation patch. Amidst the fragments of pottery and burnt glass, archaeologists found a surprise: rare Roman Iron Age dice and board game pieces. “This is wonderfully exciting. Such discoveries have not been made so many times before in Norway or Scandinavia. The special thing here is that we have found almost the whole set including the dice,” said Morten Ramstad from Bergen University Museum to NRK.

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Cannabis and Frankincenses found at 2,700 year old Judahite shrine of Biblical Arad

Analysis of the material on two Iron Age altars discovered at the entrance to the “holy of holies” of a shrine at Tel Arad in the Beer-sheba Valley, Israel, were found to contain Cannabis and Frankincense, according to new article in the journal, Tel Aviv. Past excavations revealed two superimposed fortresses, dated to the 9th to early 6th centuries BCE, which guarded the southern border of biblical Judah. Highly important Iron Age finds were unearthed, including a well-preserved shrine that was dated to ca. 750-715 BCE. Two limestone altars (the smaller altar is 40 cm high and about 20 × 20 cm at the top; the larger is about 50 cm high and 30 × 30 cm at the top) were found lying at the entrance to the “holy of holies” of the shrine.

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@CraigRSawyer: Puppets Gonna Pup… #Soros is laughing at his “useful idiots” carrying out his pre-planned division agenda. #PuppetsGonnaPup https://t.co/6961IuVWLH

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@CraigRSawyer: My disappointment isn’t that Soros funds riots, but that so many fall for his divisive tactics. https://t.co/ZDGhtMIg3O

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